La Glòria

Glòria Cavallé Bagés
Reus 1977

Since her early childhood , Glòria always already showed a clear artistic inclination. She has growth interest to both dancing and plastic arts.

At the age of five years she began her classic ballet training, followed by rhythmic gymnastics and became a member of the Reus Esportiu competition team until the age of fourteen.
In 1991 she registered at Escuela de Arte y Diseño (School of Art and Design) of Tarragona. During this time, she also felt a strong attraction to dancing.
Being caught by the magnetism of its music, Gloria decides decided to move to Barcelona to study Arabian and Flamenco dance being caught by the magnetism of their music.

On 2003, she became a member of Ermel Oriental Dance Company and performed “Sobre las Mujeres” (About Women), a performance of oriental dancing which fusions contemporary and theatre dancing, it was held during 2004 and 2005.
In May 2006, Cia Ermel performs performed its second event, “Elementos”, including the musicians Sharif Ennaji, Aziz Khodari, Carles Almeua and the Fado singer, Cristina Morales. With Ermel, we would like to point out the following performances: Moussa el Kenawy and the Nile Musicians, Hossam Ramzy, and in the Fórum de Barcelona, Said el Amir.

Outstanding on the professional career of Glòria Cavallé it is highlighted her collaboration as a dancer with the groups: Alquimy (music from Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Andalusia), Els Trobadors de Vilert (Girona) and Infusión Flamenca (Flamenco fusion, Barcelona).
In 2007 has her first introspection in the filming arts by the hand of Radio Love from Leonardo de Armas.
Among other cultural events, Leading Edge Co., Castillo de Elsinor Co., La Locoproduction Co., Pegasus Mercados Temáticos Co., Acción Calle Co., S.A.O. Projectes, amongs others have had her on their pay roll.
She had taken a role in the Festival Multicreativo de Reus Mondo and in the videoclips of Peter Goetz (California) and Raúl Pulido (Barcelona).
In May 2008, Glòria became a member of the Colectivo Zaranda, founded by Mavier Malaguilla and Jordi Rallo. Zaranda describes itself as a union of cultures, which the audience can experience through the Colectivo’s performances, being staged by musicians and dancers.

Parallel to this extraordinary career as a dancer, she also gives seminars, intensive and personalized oriental dance classes in different centers and schools in Barcelona.

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She moved to Barcelona to know the world of the performing arts and body language, studying:

Gloria starts at flamenco dancing being a student of Gloria Belén, Inma Cano, Costi "El Chato", Eva Santiago y Javier Malaguilla.

Later on specializes in Belly Dance, primarily, with teacher Rachida Aharrat. She also learns with Serena Ramzy, Hossam Ramzy and Shokry Mohamed. Arabic percussion and rhythms are added, studying with Khodari Aziz. Immersed herself in the knowledge of Def (an Arabic instrument which resembles a tambourine).

She learns tribal dances attending international workshops with Sharon Kihara, Heather Stants and Ariellah.

Her passion for yoga grows with the practice of B.K.S. Iyengar’s line since 2002.

She continues his training with: drama corporeal mime at the specialized school Moveo which uses the E. Decroux technique) contemporary dance with Isabel Gómez as a teacher contact dance and Katsuguen with Ramón Roig

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