The dance is mutant, like any other natural phenomenon.

Through the act emotional, suggestive and evocative, the dancer vibrates manifesting various soul states. Transmuting, meandering between the known and the arcane mysteries of the intangible, of the immeasurable.
Creating a bridge between earth and sky, to transcend boundaries and expand consciousness through the body.
An experience full of magnetism that leads, seduces and captivates the viewer.


Eastern-based theatrical creations, represented in different environments:

Magical, slow, sensual, sweet and magnetic (The dance of the veils, fusion with contemporary dance).
Mysterious, deep, evocative and even dark (dance tribal fusion)
Elegant, meaning and power (fusion and flamenco).
Energy and passion (dance to the Darbuka* metal sound, dance with finger cymbals *).
Warm and very hypnotic (Dance with fire).
Animation: happy, carefree, fun and seductive at the same time (cabaret and fusion style brushstrokes burlesque).

* Darbuka: Arabic percussion instrument used throughout the Middle East that produces a metallic sound.
*Crótalos: rhythm instrument. Bronze castanets.

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